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Terms & Conditions

Revised [October 18th, 2022]

We appreciate you choosing to join our community at Contentgo.com, a branch of ContAdGO OÜ (hereinafter referred to as "business," "we," "us," or "our"). In addition to ensuring that the company's and your rights are upheld, we are dedicated to giving everyone involved the finest experience. Please email us at hello@contentgo.com if you have any questions or issues about our policy or practices regarding user guidelines, copyright, or applicable law.

When you use our services and go to our website https:/contentgo.com ("Site"), you anticipate a secure and organised experience from us. The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to make it clear to you what we expect of our users, how we govern the site, and how we handle different scenarios. These are significant, so we sincerely hope you will take the time to thoroughly study them. Please stop using our website and services if you disagree with any of the provisions in these terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to modify these Terms and Conditions from time to time. Please check back sometimes to make sure you are still in agreement with our policies and procedures since we will update the "Revised" date at the top of this document whenever any changes are made.

1. When do these rules and regulations take effect?

You and Contentgo.com, a division of ContAdGO OÜ, are parties to this legally binding agreement ("Terms and Conditions") with regard to your access to and use of the https://contentgo.com website and any other platforms connected to Contentgo.com (collectively, the "Site"). An online marketplace for freelance writing services is offered by Contentgo.com.

All users must agree to and abide by these Terms and Conditions, as well as our Privacy Policy, Services Agreement, and Copyright Infringement Policies, in order to use the Site safely to buy and sell freelance writing services. By using the Site and/or hiring a freelance writer, you acknowledge that you have read, comprehended, and agreed to be bound by all of the Terms and Conditions. You are strictly forbidden from using the website and/or the freelance writing services, and you must stop using them immediately, if you disagree with any or all of these terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to alter or amend these Terms and Conditions at any time, for any reason, and at our sole discretion. Please check back periodically to make sure you are still in agreement with our terms and conditions since we will modify the "Last Updated" date at the top of this document whenever any changes are made. Your continued use of the Site following the posting of the updated policy will be taken as your understanding and acceptance of the changes.

The information on the site isn't meant to be shared with or used by anybody or anything in any country or jurisdiction. As a result, anybody choosing to access the Site from another place does so at their own free will and is solely responsible for adhering to local laws in that location.

Users must be at least 18 years old to access the website. It is prohibited for anybody under the age of 18 to register for the Site or utilize our freelance writing services.

How do you express your acceptance of Contentgo.com’s terms?

You electronically confirm your execution of this Agreement, the Privacy Policy, and any other agreements on our site by creating an account or accessing the site. According to Estonia's The Digital Signatures Act, this proof of your execution of the contract became effective on the day you registered for or first viewed the website.

By creating an account, you acknowledge that our site may ask you to electronically accept, download, and print this Agreement, the Privacy Policy, and any other agreements.

2. Our Stance on Electronic Records & Intellectual Property

Will Contentgo.com send you electronic copies of documents?

You consent to receiving records from Contentgo.com and ContAdGO OÜ, including contracts, notices, and communications, electronically by registering with our site. By registering, you relinquish any claims that you may have under any statutes, rules, regulations, ordinances, or other laws in any jurisdiction that call for an original signature, the delivery of paper documents, their storage, or the right to payment or credit by means other than electronic means. By emailing us at the address provided below, you can revoke your permission to receive your records electronically. You won't be able to use our services if you stop agreeing to receive records and notices electronically, and we will remove your access to our site.

Rights to intellectual property

The Site and the freelance writing services are our exclusive property, unless otherwise stated. We own, control, or have permission to use the following "Content" and "Marks," which are protected by copyright and trademark laws, various other intellectual property rights, unfair competition laws of the EU, laws of other countries, and international agreements:



The Site only provides the Content and the Marks "as is" for your information and private use. No portion of the Site, the services offered by freelance writers, and no Content or Marks may be:

You are granted a limited licence to use the Site, download or print a copy of any portion of the Content to which you have lawfully gained access, and access the Site only for your own personal, non-commercial use, provided that you are qualified to use the Site. All rights in and to the Site, the Content, and the Marks that are not expressly given to you are reserved by us.

3. User Registration, Eligibility, & Representation

How can you register for an account?

To use our freelance writing services, you would need to register with the website. You pledge to keep your password private and accept responsibility for any and all account activity. Please refrain from selecting a nasty or unsuitable username. If we decide that the username you choose is improper, offensive, or otherwise objectionable, we have the right to remove, reclaim, or replace it.

You will need a working email account, a physical address, and a printer to print out and store records and notices on paper or some other type of electronic storage to store these papers in order to register for our site. You must maintain your address and email address up to date so that we can serve you in a quick and effective manner.

Are you qualified to create an account?

To use Contentgo.com’s services, we require that you register for an account. Our services are for business purposes only. To use our service:

By accepting these terms and conditions, you consent to:

(a) comply with the provisions of this agreement and any additional terms and conditions outlined in our Service Agreement.

(b) Use the Site responsibly and exercise sound financial judgment while acquiring or providing freelance writing services. If it is determined that any information you supplied to us is false, inaccurate, or incomplete, or if your behavior generally violates our conditions, we reserve the right to deny, suspend, or revoke your access to our Site and our services.

By using the Site, you represent and warrant that:

We reserve the right to deny any and all current or future use of the Site if you provide any information that is incorrect, inaccurate, out-of-date, or incomplete.

You are not permitted to use the Site or the freelance writing services for any improper or unlawful purposes, and you are not permitted to break any laws by using the freelance writing services. Pornographic or graphic adult content, photographs, and other adult products are among the unlicensed freelance writing services. If you post any illegal goods or content, your account could be immediately terminated and you'd lose access to the Site forever.

As a service provider, we disclaim all warranties with regard to the security, efficacy, appropriateness, correctness, completeness, or legality of any information on the Site or the freelance writing services advertised or provided through the Site. You acknowledge and agree that the content of the Site does not contain or constitute any representations that may be relied upon in a manner that is reasonable in the circumstances, and you release us from liability for any errors, omissions, or misrepresentations in the content of the Site.

4. What forms of payment are accepted, and how do they work?

Our Policy on Purchases and Accepted Payment Methods

We accept the following forms of payment:

You acknowledge that for any purchases of freelance writing services made on the Site, you will provide true, complete, and accurate account and purchase information. In order for us to execute your transactions and get in touch with you as necessary, you also consent to immediately updating your account and payment information, including your email address, payment method, and credit card expiration date. As required by us, sales tax will be charged to the cost of purchases. Prices are subject to change at any time.

You consent to paying all costs indicated at the time of purchase, including any necessary shipping costs. Whenever you place a purchase, you give us permission to charge your preferred payment method for any applicable amounts. If your order is subject to recurring charges, you agree that we may charge your payment method repeatedly up to the time you cancel the relevant transaction without requesting your prior authorization. Even if we have already asked for or received payment, we reserve the right to fix any typos or pricing inaccuracies.

Every order placed through the Site may be rejected by us at our discretion. We reserve the right to restrict or discontinue purchasing amounts per person, per household, or per order. These limitations may apply to orders made using the same payment method, the same billing or shipping address, or orders made by or under the same customer account. Orders that appear to be placed by dealers, resellers, or distributors may be restricted or prohibited.

5. What actions are not permitted on Contentgo.com?

You are not permitted to use the Site in any way other than to access it and use the freelance writing services that we provide. Only commercial activities that we have officially endorsed or allowed may be used in conjunction with the Site.

As a user of the Site, you agree not to:

6. To what extent may users contribute to Contentgo.com?

You may receive invitations from the Site to engage in forums, blogs, message boards, and other online communities and to chat there. We may offer you the chance to produce, submit, post, display, transmit, perform, publish, distribute, or broadcast content and materials to us or on the Site. This includes, but is not limited to, text, articles, video, audio, photographs, graphics, comments, suggestions, or other materials (collectively, "Contributions").

It's possible for other site visitors, customers of the freelance writing services, and visitors to other websites to view contributions. Any Contributions you make could therefore be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary. You represent and warrant the following when you create or otherwise make any Contributions available:

Your right to use the Site and the freelance writing services may be terminated or suspended, among other consequences, if you use them in a manner that breaches the aforementioned terms and conditions.

Your License for Contribution

You represent and warrant that you have the right, power, and authority to post Contributions and grant the licenses set forth in this section by publishing or otherwise making Contributions accessible on the Site.

You also promise not to infringe on anybody else's rights of any sort, including but not limited to any intellectual property rights, publicity rights, or privacy rights. You affirm and warrant that your content belongs to you, and Contentgo.com is free to use it as it pleases without incurring any costs or demands for payment.

This licence includes our use of your name, company name, franchise name, and any trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos, and individual and commercial images you give, and it will be applicable to any form, media, or technology currently in use or later created. You guarantee that no moral rights have been in any way else asserted in your contributions and you waive all moral rights therein. Your licences will expire in a time frame that is fair from a business standpoint.

Your Donations are not our property, according to us. The intellectual property rights and other proprietary rights related to your contributions remain solely your property. We disclaim all responsibility for any assertions or representations made by you in any of your Contributions to the Service. Your contributions to the website are entirely your responsibility. In relation to your Contributions, you expressly consent to absolve us of any liability and desist from suing us.

We reserve the right to

You are welcome to leave feedback or suggest improvements on our website. You acknowledge that any disclosure of your ideas is voluntary, unrestricted, and that it does not obligate us in any way. Also, none of your ideas should contain any of the private or proprietary information of others. You agree that by accepting your submission, Contentgo.com does not renounce its right to exploit concepts that are similar to or connected to yours that we may have previously discovered, created, or acquired from sources other than you.

Standards for Reviews

On the Web, we could have sections where you can post ratings or reviews. The following requirements must be met while publishing a review:

At our sole discretion, we may accept, reject, or remove reviews. Even if someone finds reviews unpleasant or false, we are under no obligation to screen or remove them. Reviews are not authorised by us, and they may not reflect our views or the views of any of our partners or affiliates. We do not accept responsibility for any reviews or any ensuing responsibilities, claims, or losses. By submitting a review, you hereby give us the right and licence to use all reviews-related data in any way, including but not limited to reproduction, modification, display, performance, and distribution. This right and licence is perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, fully paid, assignable, and sublicensable.

 Social media

You can link your account with other online accounts you have with social media service providers as part of the Site's functionality by doing one of the following:

  1. Giving the Site access to your Third-Party Account login details
  2. Granting us access to your Third-Party Account as permitted by the specific terms and conditions that each Third-Party Account's use is subject to

You affirm that you have the right to provide us with your social media account login information and/or access to your social media accounts, without violating any of the rules governing your use of the relevant social media account, without charging us any fees, and without subjecting us to any usage restrictions imposed by the social media account's third-party service provider.

By giving us access to any social media accounts, you acknowledge and agree that:

Personal information that you publish to your social media accounts may be accessible on and through your account on the Site, depending on the social media platforms you use and subject to the privacy choices you have made in such social media accounts. Please be aware that Social Network Content might no longer be accessible on or through the Site if a social media account or related service is made unavailable or if the third-party service provider restricts our access to this social media account. You will always have the option to sever the link between your social networking accounts and your account on the Site.

Please be aware that only your agreements with these third-party service providers govern your relationship with the third-party service providers connected to your third-party accounts. We don't try to check the correctness, legality, or non-infringement of any Social Network Content, and we don't take any responsibility for any Social Network Content.

By contacting us using the details provided below or through your account settings, you can turn off the connection between the Site and your social network accounts (if applicable). With the exception of the username and profile picture that are linked with your account, we will make every effort to remove any information on our servers that was received through such social network accounts.


You understand and agree that all questions, comments, suggestions, ideas, feedback, or other information ("Submissions") that you send to us with regards to the Site or the freelance writing services will become our sole property.

Without acknowledgment or payment to you, We shall possess all exclusive rights, including all intellectual property rights, and shall be permitted to use and disseminate these Contributions for any lawful purpose (commercial or otherwise). In addition to guaranteeing that any such Submissions are your original work or that you have the legal right to submit them, you hereby relinquish all moral rights to any such Submissions. You acknowledge that in the event that any alleged or actual infringement or misappropriation of a proprietary right in your Contributions occurs, you will have no legal recourse against us.

Third-Party Websites and Content

Links to other websites ("Third-Party Websites"), as well as the following, may be found on the Site or communicated to you via the Site or freelance writing services:

We do not examine, monitor, or otherwise verify the truthfulness, suitability, or completeness of any such Third-Party Websites or Third-Party Content, and we do not endorse any Third-Party Websites or Third-Party Content made available via Contentgo.com. No approval or endorsement by us is implied by the inclusion of, linking to, or allowing the use or installation of any Third-Party Websites or any Third-Party Material. You do so at your own risk and should be aware that these Terms and Conditions no longer apply if you choose to exit the Site, access Third-Party Websites, or use or install any Third-Party Content. If you visit to any website through the Site or use or install any programmes from the Site, you should examine the appropriate terms and policies, including privacy and data gathering practises.

Your purchases from Third-Party Websites will be made through other websites and from different businesses. Regarding such transactions, which are solely between you and the relevant third party, we assume no liability. You understand and agree that we do not support the goods or services advertised on Third-Party Websites, and you agree to indemnify us for any damage resulting from your purchase of such goods or services. Furthermore, you agree to indemnify us from any losses you may incur or injury you may suffer connected with or resulting from any contact with third-party websites or any third-party content.

7. How does Contentgo.com administer the site?

We reserve the right, but not the obligation, to:

How are corrections handled by Contentgo.com?

It's possible that the Site's content, including its descriptions, prices, availability, and other details, contains typographical errors, inaccuracies, or omissions that may be related to the freelance writing services. We retain the right to change or update the information on the Site at any time, without prior notice, in order to address any mistakes, inaccuracies, or omissions.

8. Where can you find our privacy policy?

Data security and privacy are important to us. Please read the Site's stated Privacy Policy. You consent to being governed by our Privacy Policy, which is referenced in these Terms and Conditions, if you use the Site or one of our freelance writing services.

Please be aware that the Site is hosted in the United States, as are the freelance writing services. You acknowledge that you are sending your data to the EU if you visit the Site or the platform from the United States, Asia, or any other part of the world. You also expressly consent to your data being transported to and processed in the United States.

Furthermore, we do not knowingly sell to children or accept, request, or solicit information from them.

User Data

To oversee the functioning of the freelance writing services and data related to your use of the freelance writing services, we shall keep track of some of the information you communicate to the site. Despite the fact that we regularly backup our data, you are completely in charge of any data that you communicate or link to any action you have carried out while using freelance writing services. You acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss or corruption of such data, and you hereby release us from any claims you may have about such loss or corruption

9. How do we handle copyright infringements?

We honour other people's rights to their intellectual property. Please contact us right away using the details listed below (a "Notification") if you feel that any content on or accessible through the Site violates any copyright you may have. The individual who posted or stored the content mentioned in your notification will receive a copy of it.

Please be aware that if you make serious misrepresentations in a Notification, you may be held accountable for damages under federal law. Thus, you should think about first contacting a solicitor if you are unsure whether any content on the Site or one of its links violates your copyright.

10. Can your account be deleted?

Using the website and/or hiring a freelance writer does not alter these terms and conditions in any way. We reserve the right to refuse access to and use of the site and the writing services to anyone for any reason or no reason at all, including without limitation for breach of any representation, warranty, or covenant contained in these terms and conditions or of any applicable law or regulation (including, but not limited to, blocking specific IP addresses). This right is unaffected by any other provision of these terms and conditions. At any time, without prior notice, and in our sole discretion, we may stop allowing you to use the site or the platform, or we may delete [your account] and any material or information you have provided.

You are forbidden from registering and setting up a new account in the name of any third person, even if you could be acting on their behalf, even if we terminate or suspend your account for any reason. We reserve the right to pursue appropriate legal action, including without restriction seeking civil, criminal, and injunctive redress, in addition to cancelling or suspending your account.

11. Will Contentgo.com alter or stop providing its services?

The Site's contents are subject to alteration, modification, or removal at any time and without prior notice for any reason. We are not obligated to update any material on our website, though. Also, we have the right to change or stop offering the freelance writing services altogether or in part at any time and without prior warning. Any modification, price change, suspension, or discontinuance of the Site or the platform will not subject us to any liability to you or any third person.

The availability of the Site and the freelance writing services is not a promise we can make. We might encounter hardware, software, or other issues or need to carry out maintenance on the Site, which would cause disruptions, delays, or mistakes. Without giving you prior notice, we reserve the right to alter, edit, update, suspend, cease, or otherwise change the Site or the platform at any time and for any reason.

You acknowledge and agree that in the event of any downtime or discontinuation of the Site or the platform, we shall not be liable in any way for any loss, damage, or inconvenience resulting from your inability to access or use the Site or the freelance writing services. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall be construed as requiring us to provide maintenance and support for the Platform or the Site or to make any updates, releases, or corrections.

13. How will Contentgo.com resolve conflicts?

The laws of the State of [name of state] that apply to contracts made and to be entirely performed within the State/Commonwealth of [name of state] shall govern these Terms and Conditions and your use of the Site and the freelance writing services, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of law.

Dispute Resolution

Informal Negotiations

The Parties agree to first attempt to negotiate any Dispute (aside from those Disputes expressly provided below) informally for at least 30 days before commencing the arbitration in order to expedite resolution and manage the costs of any dispute, controversy, or claim related to these terms and conditions (each a "Dispute" and collectively, the "Disputes"). Following written notice from one party to the other, such informal conversations begin.

Binding Arbitration

Except for those disputes expressly excluded hereunder, disputes that the Parties cannot settle amicably will be finally and exclusively settled by binding arbitration. You are aware that absent this clause, you would be able to file a lawsuit and have a jury trial.

The arbitration may be carried out face-to-face with the submission of documents, over the phone, or online. If either Party so requests, the arbitrator need not include a statement of reasons in the written decision. Every award may be contested if the arbitrator doesn't follow the relevant laws, which is required by the arbitration agreement.

Imagine that a dispute goes to court rather than arbitration for any reason. In that situation, the state and federal courts in New Castle County, Delaware, will be used to initiate or pursue the dispute. The Parties hereby agree to and waive any objections to venue and jurisdiction in such state and federal courts based on lack of personal jurisdiction and forum non conveniens. These Terms and Conditions do not apply to the Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act (UCITA) or the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Products.

Any dispute involving the Site that is raised by any Party must never be filed more than a year after the cause of action first materialised. Let's say that this clause is ruled to be invalid or unenforceable. In such a case, neither Party shall choose to arbitrate any Dispute arising out of or relating to that part of this provision that is determined to be unlawful or unenforceable, and such Dispute shall be resolved by a court of competent jurisdiction within the jurisdiction of the courts set forth above. The Parties consent to submit to the court's personal jurisdiction.


The Parties concur that any arbitration will only cover the particular disputes between the Parties. The fullest extent allowed by law:

Unofficial Negotiations and Arbitration Exceptions

The Parties concur that the following Disputes are not covered by the aforementioned clauses regarding binding arbitration and informal talks.:

14. Our Disclaimer

The website and its accompanying freelance writing services are offered "as-is" and "as-available." You acknowledge that using the website and our services is at your own risk. We disclaim all representations and warranties, whether express or implied, with regard to the website, the freelance writing services, and your use of any such products or services, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement, to the fullest extent permitted by law.

We do not guarantee or represent that the information on this website or any websites connected to it is accurate or full, and we disclaim all liability and responsibility for any of the following:

Limitations of Liability

Even if we have been informed of the possibility of such damages, in no case will we or our directors, employees, or agents be liable to you or any third party for any direct, indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental, special, or punitive damages, including lost profit, lost revenue, loss of data, or other damages resulting from your use of the website or the freelance writing services.


You consent to indemnify, defend, and keep us harmless from and against any loss, damage, liability, claim, or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees and costs, made by any third party resulting from or arising out of:

Despite the aforementioned, we reserve the right to assume the sole defence and control of any matter for which you are obligated to indemnify us, and you agree to assist us in the defence of such claims at your expense. As soon as we become aware of any such claim, action, or process that is subject to this indemnity, we will make a reasonable attempt to let you know about it.

15. Miscellaneous

The complete agreement and understanding between you and us is represented by these Terms and Conditions and any policies or operating guidelines we put on the Site or with reference to the platform. Any right or term of these Terms and Conditions that we fail to exercise or enforce shall not be deemed to have been waived by us.

The law allows for the full operation of these terms and conditions. All of our rights and duties are transferable at any time.Any loss, damage, delay, or failure to act brought on by a factor outside of our reasonable control shall not be our responsibility or liability. If any term or portion of a term of these Terms and Conditions is found to be unlawful, invalid, or unenforceable, that term or portion is deemed severable from these Terms and Conditions and has no bearing on the legality or enforceability of any other terms that remain in place.

By using the Site or using the freelance writing services, you and us are not entering into a joint venture, partnership, employment, or agency arrangement. You acknowledge that the fact that we wrote these terms and conditions should not be used against us. As a result of these Terms and Conditions being in electronic form and the parties hereto not having signed to execute these Terms and Conditions, you hereby waive any and all objections you may have to them.

17. Contact Information

If you have a concern with the website or the freelance writing services, or if you would like more information about how to utilise the website or the freelance writing services, please get in touch with us at:

Company Name: ContAdGO OÜ

Company Registration Number: 16507014

Address: Harju Maakond, Kesklinna Linnaosa, Viru Väljak 2, 3. Korrus Tallinn 10111 Estonia

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