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ContentGo is a cloud-based platform that brings together expert content creators with brands that need professionally written content, streamlining the entire content creation process through innovative technologies and services.

Content Creator Matching Technology

Thanks to our content creator matching technology, your content requests are matched by topic and category with content creators who are experts in their field. Our unique technology ensures that your content is professionally written and free of errors.

ContentGo Wordpress Plugin

ContentGo's WordPress plugin enables you to import approved content manually or automatically to websites built on the WordPress platform. Using our WordPress plugin, you can save imported content as drafts before you schedule publication or publish automatically.

ContentGo API

You can use our API to access ContentGo's database and integrate it with your own applications, websites, or mobile apps. With a variety of modules to choose from, you can easily access the data you need to expedite your processes.

Plagiarism Checker

All content created by ContentGo's experienced content creators must pass a universal plagiarism check for authenticity. Thanks to our plagiarism checking technology, you can rest assured that the content submitted for your review is 100% unique.

Professional Quality Control

ContentGo's experienced professional editors ensure that all finalised content matches your request. Editors review the content submitted by our content creators, revising or editing the content as necessary to produce high-quality results.

Favorite Content Creators

ContentGo's Favorite Content Creators technology helps you add content creators whose work you like to your list of favorites, thus creating a team of Favorite Writers for your brand. Any content requests you make in the future will be assigned to these writers.

Licensed Images and Videos

Visually dressing up your content is a breeze with ContentGo's archive of licensed images and videos. You can even enlist ContentGo's content creators to filter millions of licensed images to find the options best suited to you.

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