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Content Creator Matching Technology

ContentGo's content creator matching technology is designed to ensure that your professional content is assigned to content creators who are experts in their field.

Our content creator matching technology pairs expert content creators with content requests in different subjects and categories.

With this technology, the content you request is assigned to professional content creators who are knowledgeable on the subject. Not only does this give thousands of experts the opportunity to create content in an area they know and love, but it also helps you attain unique, high-quality content for your brand.

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Detailed Selection Process

ContentGo's team of experienced community managers screen thousands of applications, only inviting expert content creators to join its team of professionals.

Performance Evaluation Ratios

Our data-driven smart performance evaluation ratios and editor rankings enable us to constantly monitor the performance of all content creators in our system.

We Only Choose the Best of the Best

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  • CV/Résumé Screening

    At ContentGo, we carefully review every CV or résumé we receive. A majority of the content creators who are accepted to our community are professionals with industry experience.

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  • Application

    In addition to factors like content writing experience, we also evaluate our applicants based on how they express themselves, how well they describe ContentGo, and their overall.

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  • Sample Work

    After joining the ContentGo community, content creators produce their first work, which is scrutinized and reviewed in detail by our editors.

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  • System Performance

    The performance of ContentGo's online content creators is closely monitored through categorization, rankings, and a series of quality control processes.

The Perfect Match is in the Details

Our content creator matching technology relies on certain criteria to automatically pair content creators with content requests. This technology filters information such as the content creators' areas of interest and expertise, work experience, overall success rate on the platform, and success rate based on content type, as well as factors like age and gender, to pair the right content creators with the right project.

Content-Specific Success Rate

The success rate of content creators on the platform is assessed according to the density of structured, marketing, or social media content they write.

By analyzing our content creators success rate based on measurable data, ContentGo is able to match your content requests with talented writers who have a high success rate.

The content creator matching process relies on data from ContentGo's intelligent software as well as the assessment of our community management team.

Teaming Technologies

ContentGo's teaming technologies rely on different criteria to match your content request with the ideal content creators.

Category-Focused Teams

content creators who have expertise in different industries are categorized into teams. Any content requested in a specific category is then automatically assigned to writers in that category team.

Brand-Focused Teams

ContentGo enables brands to form teams of content creators whose work they enjoy so their content requests are matched with only these content creators.

Language-Focused Teams

At ContentGo, content creators are divided into teams according to their linguistic skills and expertise. This ensures that any requests for content in a particular language are assigned to content creators who are fluent in that language.

Professional Teams

Requests for content that requires professional expertise—such as health-medical, nutrition-diet, finance, or legal content—are matched to content creators in the relevant professional team.

Favorite Content Creators

Discover ContentGo's Favorite Content Creators technology to build a team of freelance content creators working for your brand!

Your very own team of top-notch content creators is just a click away! While reviewing the content written for your brand by ContentGo writers, you have the option of adding your preferred content creators to your Favorite Writers. This allows you to make sure that all future content for your brand is produced by one of these writers. You can also choose to block certain writers to prevent them from taking on any assignments for your brand.

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