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ContentGo WordPress Plugin

Save both time and money with ContentGo's WordPress plugin!

Finalizing content and readying it for publication is a time-consuming process that adds to your workload. Thankfully, ContentGo's WordPress integration allows you to manually or automatically import your content from our database to your websites built with WordPress.

Once you import your content from ContentGo, you can either save it as a draft and schedule its publication or publish it right away.

How Does It Work?

Using our WordPress plugin, you can import content from ContentGo to your WordPress website either manually or automatically, depending on your content strategy.

The plugin also gives you the option of saving your content as a draft for later publication or automatically publishing it once it's imported to your website.

Is Content Added Automatically?

If your website's cron feature is enabled (the default setting is enabled), your content will be periodically checked, and any new content published will automatically be added to your website.

If your WordPress website has the cron feature disabled, you can use the "Import Now" button in the plugin settings to import content to your website.

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